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ŠIRAŇOVÁ, Mária, Ing., M.A. PhD.
ŠIRAŇOVÁ, Mária, Ing., M.A. PhD.
Oddelenie meny a medzinárodných financií
Katedra bankovníctva a medzinárodných financií
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+421 2 6729 1313

LS 2019/2020:

Štvrtok: 12:30-13:30

Štvrtok: 17:00-18:00



Selected Courses

  • International Finance (Sj a Aj)
  • International Finance II
  • Monetary Analysis and Progrnosis
  • Forex
  • International Financial Markets
  • Economic Models in International Finance (Sj a Aj)


Selected Scientific Articles:

1. SIRANOVA, M. - DUARTE ROCHA, M. (2020). Determinants shaping the international currency system: Where do currencies stand relative to their equilibria? World Economy. 43(2), 458-483.

2. NEMETHOVA, V. - SIRANOVA, M. - SIPIKAL. (2019). M. Public support for firms in lagging regions - Evaluation of Innovation Subsidy in Slovakia. Science and Public Policy, 46(2), 173-183.

3. SIRANOVA, M. - RADVANSKY, M. (2018). Performance of the Macroeconomic imbalance procedure in light of historical experience in CEE region. Journal of Economic Policy Reform, 21(4), 335-352.

4. HORVATH, R. – KOTLEBOVA, J. – SIRANOVA, M. (2018). Interest Rate Pass-Through in the Euro Area: Financial Fragmetation, Balance Sheet Policies and Negative Rates. In Journal of Financial Stability, 36, 12-21.

5. SIRANOVA, M. – WORKIE TIRUNEH, M. (2018). Exploding net errors and omissions as a capital flight phenomenon: the case of Slovakia. In Applied Economics,  50(16), 1866-1884.

6. SIRANOVA, M. – KOTLEBOVA, J. (2018). SVAR Description of ECB Monetary Policy Effects via Banking Sector in Individual EA Countries Case of Slovenia. In International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance, 11(1), 56-75.

7. CUPIC, M. - SIRANOVA, M. (2018). Banking Sector in the Process of European Integration: How Did EU Accession and Euro Adoption Affect Cost Efficiency of Slovak Banking Sector? In Ekonomicky casopis, 66(2), 115-138.

8. DOMONKOS, T. – OSTRIHON, F. – SIKULOVA, I. – SIRANOVA, M. (2017). Analysing the Relevance of the MIP Scoreboard's Indicators. In National Institute Economic Review, 239(1), p. R32-R52.

9. KOTLEBOVA, J. - SIRANOVA, M. (2017). Stimulating Economic Recovery through EA Growth Poles: Call for More Directed Unconventional Monetary Policy Measures? In Equilibrium: Quarterly Journal of Economics and Economic Policy, 12(4), p. 633-653. 

10. SIRANOVA, M. (2015). European banking network in light of the single supervisory mechanism from the network analysis perspective. In Financial assets and investing, Brno : Masaryk University, No. 1 (January), p. 35-57.

Work in progress:

1. SIRANOVA, M. - WORKIE TIRUNEH, M. - FISERA, B. Do hot flows submit to the Lucas paradox in Europe? Empirical evidence from hot flow capital-based network. International Review of Economics and Finance. 2nd Revise and Resubmit.

2. LYOCSA, S. - MOLNAR, P. - PLIHAL, T. - SIRANOVA, M. Impact of Macroeconomic News, Regulation and Hacking Exchange Markets on the Volatility of Bitcoin. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. Revise and Resubmit.

3. TURA-GAWRON, K. - SIRANOVA, M. - FLISIKOWSKI, K. Are consumer inflation expectations an international phenomenon? Results of spatial regression models. Work in progress.

4. SIRANOVA, M. - TURA-GAWRON, K. Do the historical inflation experiences result in inflation expectations heterogeneity in European Union member states? Work in progress.

5. DUJAVA, D. - SIRANOVA, M. Is it Me or You? A Deeper Insight into Profile of Misreporting Economies. Work in progress.

6. SIRANOVA, M. Exit from Exchange Rate Regimes and Length of Economic Recovery: Propensity Score Matching Approach. Work in progress.

7. FISERA, B. - SIRANOVA, M. Income Inequality as Conditioning Factor of Monetary Transmission in EA Countries. Work in progress.

8. FISERA, B. - SIRANOVA, M. Interplay between Inequality and Financial Development as Conditioning Factor of Monetary Transmission in Euro Area: Evidence form Interacted Panel VAR. Work in progress.

International finance with special focus on balance of payments issues, current account imbalances. 

Empirical monetary policy

Research Visits:

January 2020, IES Charles University, Czechia, cooperation with prof. Roman Horvath

November 2017 & January 2018, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland, cooperation with Dr. Karolina Gawron-Tura 

January 2016, University of Bangor, United Kingdom, invitation by prof. Philippe Molyneux

January 2015 - June 2015, Graduate Institute Geneva, Switzerland, visiting researcher under supervision of prof. Ugo Panizza

May 2013 - August 2013, University of Porto, Portugal, visiting researcher, cooperation with Dr. Manuel Duarte Rocha

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