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Vedúci katedry KSRaP doc. Mgr. Martin Kahanec MA PhD. nás reprezentoval dňa 14. 6.2017 v Spojenom výskumnom centre (JRC) Európskej Komisie s príspevkom zameraným na tému prekonávania bariér v nezamestnanosti mladých.


To gain better insight and understanding of the barriers to and enablers of youth employment in Hungary, this study complements evidence generated based on existing datasets, such as the Hungarian Labor Force Survey, with versatile web-based data collection techniques. Traditional data enabled the team to measure key regularities of youth employment. To gauge the critical role of hard and soft skills for youth employment, primary data was collected using the WageIndicator web-based survey, a powerful platform designed to provide transparent information on wages and careers across countries. Enabling a better understanding of skill-matching and the demand for young workers, an analysis of vacancies by age group and sector from job portal was conducted. Through these approaches, and a complementary qualitative inquiry, the research team was able to shed light on the key challenges faced by Hungarian youth in the labor market and effectively and efficiently produce evidence necessary for informed policy intervention.

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