Economic Research Seminar is a space for researchers, hosting professors and PhD. candidates of Faculty of National Economy to discuss their papers and ideas.

Here is an overview of all passed seminars.

  • Martin Hodula, Czech National Bank – A profit-to-provisioning approach to setting the counter cyclical capital buffer: the Czech example

Seminar XV

  • Matej Hladiš, Comenius University, Bratislava – Detection of suspicious businesses: data envelopment analysis

Seminar XIV

  • Štefan Rehák, University of Economics in Bratislava – Location? Location! Analysing appartment prices in Bratislava with hedonic price model

Invitation XIII

  • Daniela Rroshi, Vienna University of Economics and Business – Consumer Information and the Speed of Price Transmission

Invitation XII

  • Taggert J. Brooks, University of Wisconsin–La Crosse – Free To Choose: Suboptimal Decision Making In Health Plan Choices

Invitation XI

  • Jens-Peter Loy, Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel – Product Differentiation and Cost Pass-Through: Some Evidence for Canada und Germany

Invitation X

  • Karolina Tura-GawronPolitechnika Gdanska, Poland and Maria Siranova, University of Economics Bratislava – What are the drivers of consumer inflation expectations in European Union?

Invitation IX

  • Peter Bednárik, Vienna University of Economics and Business  – Game theory, altruism and competition

Invitation VIII

  • Daniel Dujava, University of Economics Bratislava – Building Credibility of Central Banks: A case of western Balkans

Invitation VII

  • Matej Lorko,  Macquarie University, Sydney – When is your paper going to be finished? The effect of anchors on task duration estimates

Invitation VI

  • Edward Bergman, Vienna University of Economics and Business – Designing a valuable research question
  • Daniel Murta, University of Coimbra, Portugal – Modelling the Equilibrium in the market for Taxis in Portugal –

Invitation V

  • Martin Kocúrek, University of Economics Bratislava – Do I want to study? Experimenting with student’s motivation

Invitation IV

  • Mikuláš Luptáčik, University of Economics Bratislava – Analysis and quantification of a new fiscally neutral European tax

Invitation III 

  • Oliver Rafaj, University of Economics Bratislava – Identification of Urban Regions in Slovak Republic

Invitation II