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Vedecké publikácie v recenzovaných časopisoch / Scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals:            

“Capital income taxation under full loss offset provisions of a prospect theory investor”, Public Finance and Management, 2020, with P. Tsigaris, forthcoming

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doi: 10.1016/j.ecosta.2019.10.001

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doi: 10.1016/j.mateco.2019.10.003

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Vedecko-výskumná činnosť:

Oblasti výskumu / Research Areas

  • Behaviorálna ekonómia a financie
  • Prognózy ekonomických časových radov a časových radov týkajúcich sa financných a komoditných trhov
  • Optimalizácia portfólií a ich aplikácie


Riešené výskumné projekty / Research Projects

“Nowcasting the Austrian economy with mixed-frequency VAR models”, the OeNB Anniversary Fund No. 18151 (2019-2021), with I. Fortin and R. Kunst

“Measuring uncertainty to identify financial instability”, principal investigator of the OeNB Anniversary Fund No. 18115 (2019-2021), with I. Fortin and L. Sögner

“Commodity market behavior in different states of the economy”, Austrian Science Fund (FWF) project No. P 30915-G27 (2018-2019), with J. Crespo Cuaresma, I. Fortin and M. Obersteiner

“Evaluation of the new OeBFA term-structure models”, Report commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Finance, 2017

“Modeling household behavior under prospect theory type preferences”, principal investigator of the Austrian Science Fund (Elise Richter - FWF) project No. V438-N32 (2016-2021)

Metrics, models and foresight for European SUStainable Food And Nutrition Security (SUSFANS), EU project H2020-SFS-2014-2, Grant 633692 (2015-2019)

“Is there any value added in exchange rate forecasts in currency portfolios”, OeNB Anniversary Fund No. 16250 (2015-2016), with I. Fortin

“A consumption-savings model under prospect theory”, principal investigator of the OeNB Anniversary Fund No. 15992 (2014-2015), with I. Fortin and P. Tigaris

“Forecasting and returns in the foreign exchange market”, OeNB Anniversary Fund No. 15308 (2013-2014), with J. Crespo Cuaresma, M. Costantini and R. Kunst

“Analysis of Affine Stochastic Volatility Models”, OeNB Anniversary Fund No. 14678 (2012-2013), with L. Sögner

"The impact of asymmetric dependence on the asset allocation under loss aversion", principal investigator of the OeNB Anniversary Fund No. 13768 (2010-2011), with I. Fortin

“Long-run effects of the single currency in Europe”, OeNB Anniversary Fund No. 13607 (2010-2011), with J. Mutl

"Downside risk management and loss aversion", OeNB Anniversary Fund No. 12806 (2008-2009), with I. Fortin and M. Obersteiner

"Risk quantification and rating assessment of structured credit products", principal investigator of the OeNB Anniversary Fund No. 13023 (2008-2009), with L.Breinlinger

"A new approach to convergence prospects via smooth transitions", OeNB Anniversary Fund No. 11688 (2006-2008), with M. Wagner

"Investment response to policy uncertainty: Cases in the natural resource sector and climate policy", International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (2006-2007), with I. Fortin, S. Fuss, N. Khabarov, M. Obersteiner and J. Szolgayova

"Natural disasters, R&D spillovers and economic growth", International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (2004-2005), with J. Crespo Cuaresma and M. Obersteiner

"Economic growth, risk management and extreme climate events", International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Sept. 2003-Dec. 2003), with J. Crespo Cuaresma and M. Obersteiner

"The Balassa-Samuelson effect in the CEECs and its impact on growth and convergence", OeNB Anniversary Fund No. 9557 (2002-2003), with M. Wagner

"Pooling exchange rate forecasts", IHS and RZB (2002), with C. Helmenstein, E. Krylova and C. Obermaier

"Optimization of cogeneration systems in a competitive market environment (OSCOGEN)", EU project co-funded by the European Community under the 5th Framework Programme 2001-2002

"Towards an index of industrial capability", UNIDO (2001), with J. Crespo Cuaresma, B. Dissmann, C. Helmenstein and P. Scholtes

"Die relative Einkommensentwicklung der EU-Beitrittsweber" ("The Income Convergence of EU Accession Candidate Countries"), IHS and Austrian Ministry of Economy (2000), with D. Grozea-Helmenstein, C. Helmenstein, E. Rauchenwald, M. Steinberger and M. Wagner

"Forecasting exchange rates in Central and Eastern European countries", IHS and Raiffeisen Zentralbank (1999/2000), with J. Crespo Cuaresma, C. Helmenstein and M. Jeckle

"Austrian Economic Forecasts“, IHS, June 2001-till now (appears quarterly)

"A forecast model for the Euro exchange rate against four major currencies", IHS and RZB (1998/1999), with B. van Aarle, R. Al-Badry, M. Boss, B. Felderer and C. Helmenstein

"Energiefonds - Eine Ergänzung zum Traditionellen Investmentfondsangebot" ("Energy funds - A supplement to the traditional investment funds"), with R. Alt, C. Gamsjäger and C. Helmenstein

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