The research activity of the FNE UE in Bratislava is prioritized on the current economic challenges of the development of the Slovak economy and the EU, as well as on the selected global challenges of the world economy, both on the level of economic theory, as well as applied research. The focus areas of the Faculty research are:

  • Monetary policy, banking, financial markets and international finance.
  • Economic growth - its social and environmental impacts. Economic cycle and economic policy options in mitigating the economic cycle in the context of European integration.
  • Labor market, workforce, employment and labor market policies. Social protection, social inclusion and social quality. Workforce migration.
  • Measurement of performance, risks and failures of business entities.
  • The issue of fiscal stabilization and consolidation of public budgets. Tax policy and its impact on effective tax collection and elimination of tax evasion.
  • Assessment of integration from the point of view of the input-output analysis of a more- regional model of the European Union.
  • The development of the insurance market in the context of demand and supply, the monitoring of decision-making by the entities in terms of insurance issues with an emphasis on consumers, the issue of regulation and supervision of insurance system, as well as the effectiveness of the functioning of insurance companies.
  • EU-SR regional policy and its evaluation. Public administration and its reform in the Slovak Republic. Economic development of regions in the Slovak Republic. Practical issues of state administration and self-governing bodies.
  • Pedagogy-psychological and didactic aspects of the educational process at secondary schools and universities.