Study program support critical thinking, which is an essential characteristic of master degree course. It encourages students to deeply and thoroughly analyze theories, problems and open questions in order to be able to formulate a balanced argument to explain the internal processes in organizations. An important part of critical thinking is a reflection and evaluation to assess the problem and get the right decision.

Planning, implementation and results of decisions are an integral part of professional life. This requires both operational and strategic decisions. Expected outcomes of the study program reflect this important capability. Decision-making with creativity and curiosity allow individuals to look at problems from different perspectives and propose competent and accurate solutions to problems.

It is needed in globalized world that students take into account the international context. An important element of the study program International Finance is to develop the ability to analyze the situation in a global context.

Within Joint programme students spend the 4th semester of study at a renowned university in the UK – Nottingham Trent University, and gain joint degree. This significantly increases international dimension of the study program.


Academic title

International Finance study program is a master study program. Graduates are granted academic title of ingénieur in abbreviation Ing. This academic title is Slovak Republic equivalent of academic title Master of Science (MSc). Upon successful completion of joint programme students will be awarded with a joint MSc certificate signed by the Rectors from both institutions (University of Economics in Bratislava and Nottingham Trent University).




Petronela  Rudzanova

Financial Analysis Senior Manager at Dell


I graduated EUBA almost 20 years ago in time when our country was still in process of change to democratic system. At that time there were not many job opportunities especially in global companies. This school gave me flexibility to study and start my career in one of few international companies (Volkswagen) at the same time. It also enabled future opportunities to grow my career in other global big companies that came to country later (Lear Corporation, Schindler and now Dell). It also gave me opportunity to meet most talented peers from the whole country. Some of them become my colleagues later. This school gave me full range of finance related education which basically mean that I could start in any area of finance either in private or public sector (tax, accounting, FP&A, banking, Ministry of Finance etc.). I have been with Dell for 13 years and there is intense cooperation between Dell and EUBA. I personally was delivering lecture to EUBA students to help them connect their studies with real business environment. I think EUBA is best economic school in our country and I would recommend it to any student that would like to gain strong education in Economics.

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