The programme is open to applicants with a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics or related disciplines.

Applicants who have not finished their bachelor’s studies by the date of admission must provide an official confirmation of their ongoing studies along with the expected date of graduation. They can be given a conditional offer with the final decision to be taken upon delivery of the proof of completed bachelor’s degree.

The selection is based on the review of submitted documents.

  1. Graduation of the bachelor’s degree or higher in finance, economics or cognate studies.
    1. Submission of a legalized (notarized) copy of candidate’s university diploma (in English) in two copies.
    2. Foreign applicants or applicants, who completed the first degree of university study at foreign university, submit an application for recognition of university diploma (printed form is enclosed).
    3. If an applicant has not finished a bachelor’s study for the time being, he/she must submit a confirmation about currently passed studies. The applicant must also send the date of anticipated graduation.
  2. Submission of an academic transcript of all courses of passed study program with a statement of their range (hours/week), ECTS credits, grades and grading scale in two copies. Everything should be on letterhead of the university, together with signature of university representative and with the official stamp of the university (in English).
  3. In case of any ambiguities, University of Economics in Bratislava will ask for a submission of additional summaries of selected courses.
  4. Internationally accepted certificate confirming mastery of English is needed if the applicant has not yet studied in English. This certificate is not required if previous education or its relevant parts have been taught in English.
  5. Structured CV in English.
  6. Copy of identity card or passport.
  7. Two academic reference (recommendation) in English
    • name and titles of referee, current position and current institution of the referee
    • range, depth and the length of period the referee has known the applicant
    • applicant´s preconditions for the selected study
    • other important facts
  8. Motivation letter in English
    • applicant’s reasons for the selected field of study
    • self-assessment of preconditions and capabilities for further education
    • personal contributions to the international student community (business practice, special skills, culture background and so on)
  9. Proof of 60,- EUR administration fee
    Payment of the fee on the account:
    • Students with residence outside SEPA here
    • Students with residence within SEPA
Beneficiary´s account name:

Ekonomická univerzita v Bratislave

Dolnozemská cesta 1

Bratislava, Slovakia

Beneficiary‘s account number IBAN: SK47 8180 0000 0070 0008 0671
Beneficiary‘s bank:

Statna pokladnica

Radlinskeho 32

Bratislava, Slovakia

Remittance information : Name, Study program
  1. Completion of the application form.
  2. The deadline for acceptance of application form, including payment of the administration fee, is 31st May 2019.

  3. Address for sending applications

Ekonomicka univerzita v Bratislave
Národohospodárska fakulta

(Application for study)

Dolnozemska cesta 1/b
852 35 Bratislava 5
Slovak Republic

Opportunity to obtain scholarship for Ukrainian students. For more information see attachment.

Acceptance into the study program

  1. The Admission Commission will review submitted documents of applicants and determine their ranking. The commission will accept only complete applications. The number of selected students will depend on the quality and quantity of all potential applicants and the capacity of the university.
  2. Selection procedure will be held from 1st June to 30th June, 2019. It goes ahead without participation of applicants on the ground of examination of submitted documents.
  3. If an applicant has not finished the 1st degree of university study, because his/her study will be finished later, he/she will be accepted to the study conditionally. This kind of applicant is obliged to submit together with application form a document about completed study for the time being and a document about supposed term of graduation of the 1th degree of university study confirmed by signature of university representative and university stamp. Final decision about acceptance to the study will be given after submitting the certificate about graduation of the 1th degree of university study.
  4. Date of the notification about acceptance for the study program
    A decision about acceptance will be sent by post by 31st July, 2019 (the latest term). Accepted applicants will get documents back on request if it is necessary for arrangements of long-term visa or temporary stay.
  5. Information about conditions considering to entry of foreigners and stay of foreigners in the Slovak Republic are accessible on (Migracne informacne centrum)


Registration to the study program

Students accepted to the study program have to take part in the enrollment process in person. It will be held in September, 2019 The academic year 2019 – 2020 will start on September, 16th 2019.

In accordance with Slovak juridical system University of Economics in Bratislava has got a claim to require an information from accepted applicants, if they will enroll at a study. If an applicant does not provide university with information in the term prescribed by the University Act, his/her right to enroll at a study expires.


Tuition fee

The tuition fee is 1 500,- EUR per academic year. Tuition has to be paid before the beginning of the academic year, hence before day of enrolment.

Payment of the tuition on the account:

Ekonomicka univerzita v Bratislave, Dolnozemska cesta 1/b, 852 35 Bratislava, Slovak Republic 
Account Nr: 7000080671/8180 
Variable Symbol: 
IBAN: SK47 8180 0000 0070 0008 0671 
Bank: VÚB, a. s., Mlynske Nivy, Bratislava

Program Code Name iIF_15
Duration 2 years
Form of Study full-time
Degree Ing. (equivalent to MSc.)
Language English
Application Period 1 January - 30 April
Start September
Tuition Fee € 1 500 per year

Cost of living

The university provides accommodation and meals in its own facilities.

Estimated costs of living per one month are about 300 – 400 euros.



University of Economics in Bratislava does not provide students with scholarship other than Scholarship for Ukrainian Students .

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