The Faculty of National Economy of the EU in Bratislava is opening a new research institute, which is exceptional in Slovak conditions. The experimental laboratory enables testing of theories and policies in the field of economics in controlled conditions, but also helps to understand behavior patterns of economic entities. Research facility of twenty cubicles equipped with computers was given the ambitious name BEE4Rlab.


The Vice-Rector for Academic Project Management at the EU in Bratislava emphasized that “even in our limited financial conditions, with the support of the faculty management, it is possible to build a workplace that meets all international standards and infrastructure requirements for quality of the fundamental and applied research. We are currently in the process of recruiting participants among university students, but also the general public, who will participate in economic experiments. Within the framework of international as well as inter-institutional cooperation, scientists from Slovakia but also from abroad will be able to use the research laboratory in the near future." The laboratory is not just computers and networks, it is mainly about people. Matej Lorko, who received his doctorate from Macquarie University in Sydney and currently works at Faculty of National Economy, EUBA, adds: "If suitable conditions for research are created in a Slovak institution and funding is available, it creates a sufficient impulse to return to Slovakia." In addition to economic experiments, the laboratory will cultivate a scientific culture with the organization of research seminars where the results of research will be discussed. The opening of the laboratory therefore became an opportunity for the first scientific seminar - on Monday, October the 12, 2020, Dr. Tomáš Jagelka, from the University of Bonn, Institute for Applied Microeconomics, presented his new work entitled Separating True Preferences from Noise and Endogenous Effort

We wish to laboratory and its staff many successful experiments and many exciting research tasks. We are also looking forward to all research seminars enriched by motivated colleagues in the field of experimental economics, and to all creative meetings that will increase new scientific knowledge! More information about the laboratory as well as the possibility to register for the experiment is available at:

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