Under the professional guidance of doc. Ing. Jana Kotlebová, PhD. and doc. Ing. Petr Árendáš, PhD. from the Department of Banking and International Finance (FNE EUBA) the student team which consists of our students Bc. Hercegh Ondrej, Bc. Lin Xinyi , Bc. Macak Marek, Bc. Vateha Marko David and Ing. Zeman Mário, measured up their skills this year at the world round of the RITC 2020 Trading Competition, which is professionally covered by the Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto, Canada). The competition was attended by 48 universities from around the world except Africa. 

Europe was represented in this competition by 8 universities, while our university placed third position among Europeans. The final round of the Rotman Trading International Competition (RITC 2020) took place in Toronto (Canada), from 20 to 22 February, 2020. The competition was based on quantitative finance and mathematical programming. The competition focused on index futures trading, ETF volatility options, trading in the spot and futures markets for oil and electricity, and programming its own trading algorithm using Phyton. The trades were carried out both in the pit and in the Rotman Interactive Trader electronic environment. 

Our team ranked beautiful 3rd position among European universities, and 14th place out of all 48 universities in Matlab Volatility, or 16th place in BP Commodities, 18th in Electricity Trading. In the overall summary, we took 21st place, which is a move up two places compared with last year.

As it was confirmed again, our strength is in fundamental approach to trading, we managed to improve automated trading based on algorithm programming, but we still did not achieve an overall podium result. However, it should be noted that the competition was really strong and we defeated such universities as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, Trinity College Dublin, University of California Berkeley, Washington University in St. Louis., Duke University, Higher School of Economics (Russia) and many others.

The absolute winners of RITC 2020 were Baruch College (USA), University of Calgary (Canada), Luiss Guido Carli - University of Rome (Italy). Our results motivate us to further improve and the preparations for the next year competition, this time RETC 2020 in Rome, are already underway.

We would like to thank our sponsors - the companies Up o. c. p., a.s. and Prosight Slovensko, a.s., without whose financial support we would not be able to participate in the competition.