As one of the leaders in economic education in Slovakia, the Faculty of National Economy is fully aware of the social responsibility in the area of ​​environmental protection. This is even more important as the faculty participates in the education of young people, who thus assume their responsibility for our future. NHF students and employees consider climate change and the need to protect our planet to be crucial. Starting this academic year, we will try to apply green solutions to various faculty activities.

The faculty joined the signatories of the Climate Strike, during which we went on the hike of employees and students of NHF in the environment of the region of Male Karpaty.

As another milestone, we set a blanket ban on paper seminar works at the faculty, which was approved at the meeting of the Dean's College in October 2019. Students will only submit the seminar work in electronic form. In this way we want to save not only nature but also students' money, which can be used more efficiently. However, this is not the end of our initiatives for a better environment. Don not forget to follow our next steps.