Team of our students of Banking study program (composed of: Bc. Claudia Kronkova, Ing. Zeman Mario, Ing. Juraj Dedinsky, Ing. Marko Dávid Vateha. Substitutes: Bc. Roman Lechovic, Bc. Katarina Pitakova, Bc. Viktória Mičjanová) has already measured their skills 5 times in a row at the world round of the RITC 2021 trading competition under the professional guidance of associate prof.. Jana Kotlebová, PhD. and associate prof. Peter Árendáš, PhD.

The Faculty of National Economy of the EU in Bratislava is opening a new research institute, which is exceptional in Slovak conditions. The experimental laboratory enables testing of theories and policies in the field of economics in controlled conditions, but also helps to understand behavior patterns of economic entities. Research facility of twenty cubicles equipped with computers was given the ambitious name BEE4Rlab.

Under the professional guidance of doc. Ing. Jana Kotlebová, PhD. and doc. Ing. Petr Árendáš, PhD. from the Department of Banking and International Finance (FNE EUBA) the student team which consists of our students Bc. Hercegh Ondrej, Bc. Lin Xinyi , Bc. Macak Marek, Bc. Vateha Marko David and Ing. Zeman Mário, measured up their skills this year at the world round of the RITC 2020 Trading Competition, which is professionally covered by the Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto, Canada). The competition was attended by 48 universities from around the world except Africa. 

As one of the leaders in economic education in Slovakia, the Faculty of National Economy is fully aware of the social responsibility in the area of ​​environmental protection. This is even more important as the faculty participates in the education of young people, who thus assume their responsibility for our future. NHF students and employees consider climate change and the need to protect our planet to be crucial. Starting this academic year, we will try to apply green solutions to various faculty activities.

The faculty joined the signatories of the Climate Strike, during which we went on the hike of employees and students of NHF in the environment of the region of Male Karpaty.

As another milestone, we set a blanket ban on paper seminar works at the faculty, which was approved at the meeting of the Dean's College in October 2019. Students will only submit the seminar work in electronic form. In this way we want to save not only nature but also students' money, which can be used more efficiently. However, this is not the end of our initiatives for a better environment. Don not forget to follow our next steps.

The Committee for the Section for Scientific and Professional Literature and Computer Programs of the Literary Fund on 26 September 2019 awarded dipl. Ing. Dávid Hojdan, a graduate of the Economic Policy study program at the Faculty of National Economy for the Best Work Award of the Student Scientific Conference in the academic year 2018/2019 for. David is also the winner of the student academic work at the University of Economics in Bratislava in the academic year 2018/2019 with the topic "Is coffee above gold? Estimation of price elasticity".

David continues with his scientific work during his PdD. studies at our faculty and Slovak Academy of Science under the leadership of prof. Dr. Ing. Dr. Menbere Workie Tiruneh, PhD. with the topic of the dissertation thesis “Growth driven by debt or debt driven by growth?”.

Congratulations to the winner and we look forward to further success in scientific research!

Our students have a unique opportunity to learn the basics of programming in Python, understand Data Science and meet new people. A student club is a quite common format at universites, which operates on the principle of a "self-learning" group of students who learn by themselves or through help of invited instructors from practice. Pilot class starts in the winter semester of academic year 2019/2020 with 10 lectures lasting 1.5 hours. The course is intended as an introduction to Python programming language and Data Science.


The fact that our students are successful at home and abroad can be convinced in another inspirational story of our skilful and versatile student Petra Špaková. Petra successfully completed a three-year study of finance, banking and investment at the Faculty of National Economy and at the beginning of July we presented her bachelor's diploma. In addition to fulfilling all the duties at our faculty, she also successfully completed the fashion industry course at Mod'Spe Paris Central Europe. You can read an interview with Petra about this experience at MOD'SPE Paris Central Europe.


Source: MOD'SPE Paris Central Europe.


The University of Economics in Bratislava in collaboration with the European Regional Science Association (ERSA) is pleased to announce the opportunity for Ph.D. students and young researchers to participate in the 31th ERSA Summer School which will be held from the 1th July to 8th July, 2018 at the University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia.