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The Faculty of National Economy at the University of Economics in Bratislava (NHF EU) has been for considerable history among the leaders in educating and training economists. NHF EU in Bratislava provides for high quality university education in accredited study programmes that have been in high demand by great variety of market segments. NHF EU has been for long bringing up high quality professional economists able to contribute to further formation of economic theories as well as to successfully deliver in variety of economic areas, especially in finance, economic policy and social sciences.

Academic and research activities within NHF EU has been focusing on macroeconomic theories, as well as on corporate finance, microeconomic theories, banking, taxation, insurance, public finance, corporate and international finance, regional development, public administration, but nonetheless on implementation of information technology into individual management and decision making processes. In all these areas, the faculty succeeds to achieve optimal environment supportive of creative ideas and research.

NHF EU in Bratislava is proud to cooperate in preparation of economically significant studies and documents relevant to the society well-being. It is also involved in a close cooperation with state authorities and municipalities as well as with important domestic and foreign academic and research institutions.

NHF EU aims to provide grounds for creative climate so necessary to obtain vast knowledgebase in the economic sciences and to form appropriate conditions for intertwining with corporate sector. Graduates from the NHF EU by evidence and in the long-run reach high ranking and well-recognized positions in the society and are very versatile in their application across economic professions both within Slovakia or abroad.


Faculty of National Economy of the University of Economics in Bratislava offers tertiary education in all three degree levels of university study:


  • At the first level degree it offers the following 7 study programmes:
  1. Finance, Banking and Investment (study program in English or Slovak language)
  2. Insurance
  3. National Economy
  4. Human Resources and Social Management
  5. Economic Theory and Economic Journalism
  6. Public Administration and Regional Development
  7. Economy and Law


  • At the second level degree it offers the following 11 study programmes:
  1. Finance
  2. Banking
  3. Taxation and Tax Consultancy
  4. Insurance
  5. Economic Policy
  6. Social Development and Social Policy
  7. Economic Theory and Economic Journalism
  8. Public Administration and Regional Development
  9. International Finance
  10. International Finance (study program in english language)
  11. Global Finance (study program in english language)


  • At the third level degree it offers the following 5 study programmes:
  1. Economic Theory
  2. Economic Policy
  3. Public Administration and Regional Development
  4. Finance and Banking
  5. Insurance

The core focus of the faculty is to assist in forming and developing theoretic and empirical knowledge about market economy. In line with historical tradition faculty pedagogic, academic and research agenda specializes in macroeconomic level of national economy as well as in the interaction between micro (corporate) and macro, economic theories and policy, banking, public, corporate and international finance, insurance, social development and labour market, regional development and public administration. On top of this, faculty specialisation also includes implementation of information technology into individual management and decision making processes with the aim to raise professionals in this expertise for all levels of management in the national economy.


What do we offer to students?

At the second degree level, students of NHF EU in Bratislava (selected in the process) may obtain a joined degree with Nottingham Trent University MSc. in International Finance. Students thus may on top of the Master degree from the NHF in Bratislava earn a MSc. Diploma of the British university in Nottingham.

Faculty of National Economy in Bratislava has been for considerably long time involved in international European educational projects (mainly ERASMUS and CEEPUS), which offer mobility opportunities to students (but also to staff and teachers). Studying abroad allows students to obtain high quality education and also enhances their versatility and improves their opportunities at the international labour market.

Based on the agreement between foreign universities and the Faculty of National Economy, students also do have a chance to apply for a semester of study at the Economic University in Cracow or at the University of Economics (Faculty of Economics) in Prague.

Slovak national scholarship program also provides mobility to foreign NHF EU students, PhD students (as well as to research staff and to university teachers).




Petronela  Rudzanova

Financial Analysis Senior Manager at Dell

I graduated EUBA almost 20 years ago in time when our country was still in process of change to democratic system. At that time there were not many job opportunities especially in global companies. This school gave me flexibility to study and start my career in one of few international companies (Volkswagen) at the same time. It also enabled future opportunities to grow my career in other global big companies that came to country later (Lear Corporation, Schindler and now Dell). It also gave me opportunity to meet most talented peers from the whole country. Some of them become my colleagues later. This school gave me full range of finance related education which basically mean that I could start in any area of finance either in private or public sector (tax, accounting, FP&A, banking, Ministry of Finance etc.). I have been with Dell for 13 years and there is intense cooperation between Dell and EUBA. I personally was delivering lecture to EUBA students to help them connect their studies with real business environment. I think EUBA is best economic school in our country and I would recommend it to any student that would like to gain strong education in Economics.

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