nadacia narodohospodar

The foundation was set up in 1991 as the Foundation at the Faculty of National Economy and registered at the District office of Bratislava V., under the number 5 of 3/506/1991. The city administration of the Slovak Statistical Office of Bratislava has allocated the identification number (ICO) 17319579 to the foundation on the 7. 6.1991. On the 21.7.1997, it was under Law no 207/1996 of Z. Z. on foundations under par. 11 paragraph 4  re-registered at the Ministry of the Interior with the name of the Foundation of the Economic University of Economics, in Bratislava, Dolnozemská cesta 1, 852 19 Bratislava.

In accordance with § 5  art. 1 of Act no 34/2002 Coll. on the foundations and on the modification of the Civil Code as amended, a change was made in the instrument of establishment of the  NÁRODOHOSPODÁR Foundation to the foundation list, which was registered at the Ministry of Interior of the SR on the 29. 11. 2002 under the reg. number 203/NA-96/181-1. On the 16.6.2005, the foundation was assigned a tax identification number 2020933244.

The public-utility purpose of the Foundation

The aim of the foundation is to promote the development of higher economic education for students, pedagogical activities and teacher research and science and researchers, set conditions for  economic studies to a broad  range of candidates according to the needs of social practice and the improvement of study conditions at the Faculty of National Economy in Bratislava. That objective shall be fulfilled by the foundation in particular by the following activities:

  1. by promoting economic education and research of students, teachers and researchers and improving the conditions for study and research for students and the workers mentioned,
  2. by promoting the participation and organization of scientific conferences and seminars held in   Slovakia and abroad, by promoting  international activities of teachers and students.
  3. by supporting the publication of university textbooks, monographs, scientific and specialized articles,
  4. by supporting the creation of conditions for organizing different forms of education in accordance with the pedagogical and scientific research profile of the Faculty,
  5. by financial support for socially dependent students in emergencies.
  6. by promoting the organization of events for presentation, promotion and representation of the Faculty.
  7. by acknowledging the best student theses, dissertations, scientific and expert publications of teachers. by acknowledging students for outstanding academic achievements and extracurricular activities.

Economic management of the Foundation

The incomes of the Foundation are:

  • cash or non-monetary donations provided by the Foundation in the form of gift contracts;
  • cash donations provided by foundations by remitting a share of income tax paid by natural or legal persons,
  • proceeds from organizing training activities.


Areas for using the Foundation resources

  1. Award of the Foundation's price “Národohospodár”
    • for excellent study results during a 5-year study at the FNE UE with a study average of marks up to 1.50 - a diploma with a financial reward,
    • for an exceptionally creative approach in the elaboration of thesis, a diploma with a financial reward,
    • to the laureates of the student scientific conference for student scientific work and an active approach in connecting theory with practice, a diploma with a financial reward,
    • for excellent results in the representation of the Faculty and University.
  2. Provision of a single financial assistance to socially dependent students.
  3. Provision of the Foundation's contribution to keep up the pedagogical process and scientific research activities.
  4. Provision of the Foundation's contribution to the costs of study and traineeships of students, teachers and researchers.
  5. Providing the Foundation's contribution to cover the costs of carrying out  students, teachers and researchers projects of the Faculty, the promotion of publication activities, the organization of seminars and conferences and the reimbursement of costs associated with participation in seminars and conferences.
  6. Organizing training activities of the Foundation.

Providing financial assistance to the Faculty in order to finance the necessary operating costs exceeding the annual budget of the Faculty.