The Faculty of Economics and Finance (NHF) celebrate the 70th anniversary of its founding in 2023. Today, as in the past, it belongs to the most successful faculties which provides the economic education in Slovakia. Their best achievements are successful graduates who are ready for a constantly changing environment in the labor market, both in terms of the Slovak republic and internationally. The Faculty of Economics and Finance offers a wide range of accredited study programs in English language at all three stages of higher education. In addition to study programs accredited at the Faculty we also offer joint accredited study programs with the Faculty of Law at the Comenius University in Bratislava - Economics and Law and Law and Economics.  At the second stage of the study, the Faculty also provides the opportunity to study the program of Finance and Taxes in English and to study a double degree program with the Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom or University in Pavia in Italy

In the context of extensive cooperation with the industry, we organize educational activities for our students, which reflect  their flexible applicability after the graduation. We try to prepare the students for their future career knowing that jobs are disappearing, but skills remain. The field of science and research is crucial at the Faculty of Economics and Finance, and it directly follows the pedagogical field with a significant interaction between them. We increase the quality of our publishing outputs in order to positively shape the area of economic research. In view of a diverse focus of the departments as delegates of research tasks, scientific teams are involved in a number of thematic areas of scientific research. At the Faculty of Economics and Finance we publish 3 scientific and 1 specialized journals. Foreign mobilities of our students, teachers, researchers and doctoral candidates contribute to the development of international cooperation and also to improvement of our work. We are involved in the process of international accreditation, as it is our desire to continually improve the processes and activities we carry out in accordance with our mission.

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