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Consultation hours members of the department in the summer semester 2023/2024

Study advisor : Ing. Lukrécia Kováč-Gerulová, PhD.

Pedagogical activities

In pedagogical activities, the Department of Finance focuses on the collection, creation and dissemination of the latest theoretical and analysis of empirical knowledge of public finance, taxation, tax advice and business finance, financial, fiscal and tax policies, then financial, tax analyses and forecasts, risks and uncertainties in the finance. In addition, it focuses on systemic, institutional, accounting, and knowledge of both public and business finances, tax system and tax counselling.

The department on the 1st degree of study, along with other faculty and university departments, is involved in providing the study program the Finance, Banking and Insurance.   On the 2nd degree of study and within the study program Finance and taxation. The program International Finance as a joint program with the Nottingham Trent University   is taught in the English language. In addition, the Department on the 3rd (doctoral) level of study, along with other departments of the Faculty provides the study program Finance.

Undergraduate courses: Finance; Introduction to quantitative methods; Public finance; Introduction to business finance; Introduction to experimental methods in economics 

Graduate courses: Experimental economics; Business finance; Risk and uncertainty in finance; Analysis and forecasting in finance; Behavioural public finance

Post-graduate courses: Theories in finance; Applied experimental economics; Financial econometrics and applied finance; Applied business finance; Behavioural approaches in finance

Research activity

The scientific research activity of the Department is focused on the issue of company and state defaults, taxes at national level, but also in connection with international transactions, financial innovation and behavioral public finances.

Current projects of the department: APVV, VEGA, UNIVNET.

The results of the research are presented by members of the department in scientific journals.