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Development of department between the years 1950 - 1990 was made within the original Department of Finance. Between 1969 - 1970 there was a separate Department of Money circulation and Currency, with the head of department Mr. doc. Ing. Otto Sobek, CSc.

Department of Banknig and International finance was created by dividing of the Department of Finance in 1990, into four separate departments, namely : Department of Public Finance, Department of Currency, Credit and Banking, Department of Insurance and the Insurance Industry, and the new Department of Corporate Finance. In 1991 was the Department of Currency, Credit and Banking merged with the Department of Insurance and the Insurance Industry. The new department was named The Department of Money. After accreditation in 1998 was the Departmen of Insurance again divided from the Department of Money. In accordance with a narrower activity of the Department of Money, it has changed it’s name to the Department of Banking and International Finance.

Department of Banking and International Finance, which was renamed in 2001 is relatively young department in terms of period of activity. Department consist from two sections : section of currency and international finance and section of banking and financial markets.

Development of the number of University Teachers

year University teachers
profesors docents assistant Professors CSc., PhD. assistant Professors assistants together
1990 1 8 1 2 2 14
1995 2 3 3 7 4 19
2000 2 3 3 3 7 18
2001 2 4 5 6 5 22
2002 2 4 5 7 1 19
2003 2 4 5 8 0 19
2004 3 4 4 9 0 20
2005 2 5 3 9 0 19
2006 3 4 5 7 0 19
2007 3 4 5 6 0 18
2008 3 4 5 4 0 16
2009 3 4 5 2 0 14
2010 4 3 11 3 0 21
2011 4 3 7 3 0 17
2012 5 3 7 3 0 18

Between the years 1990-1994 department coordinated study specialization of Financial system and Money. In these days it’s coordinating the specialization of Banking in the study programme of Finance, Banking and Investment – Finance and Tax and Tax advice. Department provides teaching of university subject Finance and Currency (along with the Department of Finance) and has built further 23 subjects from the issue of Currency,Banking, Financial Markets and International Finance. It is involved in teaching in the study programme of Insurance, operates in the Faculty of Commerce and in the Faculty of International Relations in University of Economics in Bratislava.

Overall, our teachers teach 3 compulsory subjects of faculty, 2 compulsary subjects of study programme, 3 compulsory seminars of study programme, 14 compulsory subjects of specialization and 4 elective subjects of own specialization. They also provide instruction in doctoral studies in the field of study programme Finance.

There are nine thesis supervisors on the department. Since 1990 the Department of Banking and International Finance has graduated more than 30 PhD students.

The ensuring of an extensive range of subjects is in involving of a number of external collaborators from scientific institutes, banks consultant companies and other institutions from praxis, which collaborates with the depratment. Department and it’s teachers have extensive business contacts with many foreign universities and institutions.

The research work is extensive and focuses on a wide range of research in the field of monetary policy, banking, financial markets and international finance. Teachers of the department are involved in various forms of research, as part of the Phare international research, international scientific and technological cooperation in the grant project VEGA, KEGA and EU institutional research projects. The results of the research activities of the department teachers presented at many national and international scientific conferences and international published contributions in the form of conference proceedings and articles in specialized and scientific journals. Department has included research into educational process.

Significant results of the department in publication activity, which includes major monographs, textbooks and several university study texts. We can mention the following: International Finance, Financial Market, I. and II. edition, Banking and Monetary Theory and Policy. Monographs and college textbook developed by the Department of Banking and International Finance, which have a high professional level, are used in a number of Slovakian universities.

Department of Banking regularly organizes an annual international scientific conferences. Department works closely with economic praxis in the form of consulting and advisory activities, as well as lecturing staff for various companies and institutions. Teachers of the department are actively involved and participate in the development of international relations of faculty participation in international research projects and are acting on lecture tours abroad.


Head of the department since its establishment till now:

1990 – 1994              prof. Ing. Otto Sobek, CSc.

1994 – 1997              prof. Ing. Irena Hlavatá, CSc.

1998 – 2000              doc. Ing. Anežka Jankovská, CSc.

2001                          doc. Ing. Božena Chovancová, PhD.

2001 – 2003              doc. Ing. Mária Klimíková, PhD

2003 – 2007              doc. Ing. Anežka Jankovská, CSc.

2007 – till now          doc. Ing. Eva Horvátová, CSc.

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